Pastor Joey & Keren Walker

Came to Champion Church Kingman in July of 2021.

They were married in December of 2018 and have been serving the Lord together ever since. Both are fun and spirited people to be around and are doing great things for the Lord, Champion Church, and Kingman.

Pastor Joey grew up in Southern California and then joined the Coast Guard where he was first called to become a pastor. Pastor Joey waited 15 years before excepting the call and started out as a worship leader for The Ridge, Harvest Bible Church, and The Way Christian Church. While at The Way, Pastor Joey became the associate pastor and handled all things media. Pastor Joey and Keren then started their own church called Thrive to try and accommodate a perceived idea that churches should be conducted in the living room of homes rather than big church sanctuaries. Starting a church was a learning experience and opened Pastor Joey and Kerens eyes to the belief that Christ wants relationships built with all people not just other Christians. Pastor Joey is now the Senior Pastor at Champion Church Kingman.

Pastor Keren grew up in Los Alamos and relocated to the area over 20 years ago. Pastor Keren has been a youth pastor, leader, board member, of churches and has also attended bible school. Pastor Keren now Co-Pastors at Champion Church Kingman.

Pastor Nancy

Pastor Nancy is the Care Pastor at Champion Church Kingman and provides inclusiveness and support for the convalescent and those who cannot make it out of their home. Pastor Nancy grew up in Southern California and was ordained in 2018. Pastor Nancy lives with her husband Rick and 4 legged fur friend Bullet.

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